At first they laughed at my dirty gym in the hood:
Today, The Haters Are Amazed By...
How I Turned A Dusty Garage Into
A Six-Figure Warehouse Gym Business
Without a YouTube following, no advertising budget, and no business experience at all. 
If you love Fitness, Lifting and Training - and have always dreamed of owning
Your Own Successful Warehouse Gym Business -- KEEP READING.
The biggest problem for most would-be warehouse gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs is they never earn enough money to gain financial freedom. 

Most coaches and gym owners struggle to grow a profitable warehouse gym business because they were never taught the most important Gym Business Building Principles for success

Coaches who DO attract paying members, soon end up overwhelmed with workload ... which leaves NO TIME to GROW their business, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy life. 

"My First Attempt at Business was a DISASTER" 
I was $90,000 in debt, on the verge of losing my home, and I was making sacrifices to feed my family.

My lowest moment was the day I told my wife we couldn't pay our bills. -- We needed the money to feed our three kids.

Times were tough. I know what it feels like to be down.  

Despite this, and other painful moments, I stayed devoted to my dream of becoming a strength coach and warehouse gym business owner. 

"Hello, I Train People In City Parks 
...with TRASH."

I started Strength Camp out of an old 1988 Ford van, that my father gave me -- after my car broke down. 

I used that van to start my fitness training business -- with NO money, NO gym, and NO equipment. 

I filled the old van with used tires, ropes and sandbags. I used whatever junk I could find on the city streets and the local scrap yard. 

My goal was to train athletes and guys in the park, with affordable objects.  

That is how Strength Camp was born. 

Soon the local news learned about my INSANE idea to train people in the park with trash.  So, they requested an interview with me -- the crazy "trash can trainer" working in the park.  

"Today, Strength Camp Is A
Six- Figure Warehouse Gym Business"
Just a few years later, I moved Strength Camp from its humble beginnings in the park --into a small warehouse in South St. Pete. It wasn't glamorous, but it got the job done. 

Today Strength Camp is one of the most successful gyms around.

We serve hundreds of people in our small, lazy city in Florida; and we inspire millions of coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts world wide.  

Today, I also help other fitness entrepreneurs become successful warehouse gym business owners. 
This is a picture of me presenting at the Fitness Business Summit earlier this year. 

This was a very proud moment, especially knowing that I started from the bottom. 

Helping warehouse gym business owners become successful is my passion in life. 

Yes, It's been a tough journey, but it's true when they say.... 
"FAILURE is the Mother Of Success"
I started out just like you. 

I was an ambitious young trainer GRINDING to get clients and earn enough money to live.  

It didn't matter how hard I worked, I was still failing and broke. 

It's amazing how many "success gurus" we see on social media these days talking about grinding and hustling.  

Anyone who has been as desperate as I was, will tell you... sometimes the harder you work the farther you fall behind.

I worked my face off for almost 7 years, and got no where. 

I kept trying, and I just kept failing. 

The more I leapt from one promising opportunity to the next, the more failed dreams I left behind. 

Most of our problems as fitness entrepreneurs will NOT be solved by the new-fangled marketing tactics.

These things may have their place, but they are worthless if we are violating basic business building principles.  

As hard as I worked, I was struggling because...
"I Was Violating 3 Critical Gym
Business Building Principles" 
Principles are like laws... if we break the law, we suffer. 

When we violate PRINCIPLES we never reach our goal (no matter how much we grind). 

The fact is I just wasn’t aware of these business building principles at the time, because if I did... it would have saved me years of frustration and pain.

As lifters we know that by following sound strength training principles, we get stronger in the gym. We also know that if we violate any of these principles, our strength gains will suffer. 

My biggest problem was NOT about learning more ideas, more strategies, or doing more work... My biggest problem was that I was not following PRINCIPLES -- so I suffered.  

Now that I help other gym owners become successful, I see them violating these principles too. 

Violating these 3 Critical Gym Business Building Principles is the major reason for failure in business. 

On the next page I am going to show you each of these principles, how they work, and how you can use them to create your own successful warehouse gym business. 
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